Friday, February 12, 2010

For instant gratification

I want to show a couple of very quick vests (or slipovers? suggestions are welcome) I made recently.I followed an emmafassio pattern that you can find here (oh, yeah! it's free!!!). She's a talented designer (and a great mother, and a devoted wife and blablabla...) and she lives just a couple of blocks from here.
Too much parentheses, let's show some pics...

The yarn is a fabulously light and warm alpaca blend, named PUNO 2, from Filitaly-Lab, a new and young Italian yarn company. I used 3 balls and had some leftover, but I'm a pocket sized knitter...

This one is made with La droguerie Kid Mohair, gently gifted by the designer in person, and I almost used the whole hank.

My mods (in both samples):
- c.o. 56 sts
- 8 increase rounds for raglan
- beginning of the round in the middle back
- 15 increase rounds for the body part

Highly recommended. Really.