Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mormor Kal

Here's my Mormor's shawl from the multitalented knitter-designer-woman-and-friend emma. I joined this kal an it seems to be really addicting, as many of my friends are knitting it. You can find it also here and there.

And... Oh la la la! A brand new haircut!

And for those who wanted to know something about bharata natyam:

Sunday, November 8, 2009


November is already here and it's full of new challenges: a new teaching job, a new translation project, and I also joined a class of bharata natyam, Indian classical dance that I started several years ago and dropped with pregnancy and relocation. I found a teacher in my town and I'm sooo happy with it. I'm a really lazy person, but bharata natyam makes me feel so well and powerful that I think I can commute for 30 mins every week. Really.

Very few knitting projects, but the family need new stuff for these chilly mornings.

Honeycomb hat pattern is from the Japanese magazine ヨーロッパの手編み (European Handknitting). The superfast ribby neckwarmer patter can be found here. Both in Sesia New Jersey, 100% soft merino.