Monday, September 29, 2008

Asili e Grembiuli

Primo giorno di materna (ormai due settimane fa), con un grembiule nuovo di zecca cucito da mammà! Ok, non è perfetto, ma è fatto con il cuore. Pattern adattato da un modello di camicia e bottoni parigini della Droguerie, gialli e verdi alternati e abbinati alle asole. Aaah... le asole! Ho dovuto fare una decine di prove su dei pezzetti di stoffa avanzati per riuscire a capire come funzionava la macchina da cucire. Il cucciolo aspetta con ansia le borsine abbinate, mentre il cambio sosta in un anonimo sacchetto di carta...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Knitter treasure swap

This is what Piksteri sent me from Finland. 

Knitter's treasure swap

200 gr. of Kamena by Teetee and 200 gr. of hemp yarn from Hemp fo Knitting, both in great shades of green. The first will probably become a shawl, while I was thinking about a market bag for the second (maybe Elisa Nest Tote).
Piksteri made a beautiful minishawl (or shoulderette) for me and she also thought to my son and sent two little jigsaw puzzles. The package was filled with any sort of goodies... 
She really spoiled me and I love the yarns she chose for me! I hope she'll enjoy my package as I did for hers.

SP 12 package

When I was back from holiday I found this pckage in my post:


Two at a time socks was on my wish list: I started knitting about one year ago, and I've been always fascinated by socks, but for many reasons (first of all, laziness) I never challenged. Now I have all I need, and I'll star my first pair of socks when I'll be back from Paris (HUB is going to Maison & Objet, some friends lends us an apartment so I'm going too).