Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've been busy like mad with a two-weeks almost full-time teaching job in a company, but it's over now, and I'm back to my translations and my knitting projects.

R. is growing fast and I think we'll have the same foot size within few years... I'll buy him some hyper-stylish Trippen boots or something alike, so we can share them!

I talked about my socks already. R.'s are an improvise 4/2 ribs, toe up with short row heels. There's some room to grow, I hope they'll fit next winter.
I used the same yarn, but different pattern and size: I didn't even imagine the effect was sooooo different!

R. got a fever these days, so we spent yesterday and today at home, which is quite boring with such a nice weather and no school... but a fairy came down to me for a cup of coffee, with gorgeous knitting stuff from la Droguerie - Paris!

Thank you Emma, you made my day!!!!


L. M. said...

Che bello avere qualcuno che ti porta a casa belle cose da provare.. ma il libro di "la Droguerie" รจ in francese o sbaglio? Se ti serve una mano, forse ti posso aiutare!

ursula said...

spero che nel frattempo sia guarito il tuo cucciolo.

emmafassio said...

You are welcome my dear friend:)

Claudia - La casa nella prateria said...

Adoro i libri de La Droguerie!