Thursday, January 1, 2009


I'm Kyushu right now, and I'm typing with my legs warmed in a kotatsu table.
It's my husband's laptop and I don't know how to manage raw files with a pc, so I'll upload pictures when I'll be back home.
However, I was in kyoto before Christmas and visited Avril sanjo shop (it was just great!), and also bought some strange silk skeins in Toji market, which is held every 21st of the month.

I finished knitting the Lady February for my mother, which ended up with too large sleeves... and I almost finished also a triangular Shetland shawl. I received some gorgeous mohair yarn in moss green and some of the softest alpaca I've ever touched from miss Naganasu.

Anyway, happy new year to everybody!


Anna said...

Ciao! Fino al 6 gennaio puoi scaricare il file di NG3. Se non ce la fai poi te lo rimando. Buon soggiorno nel Kyushu! Sei andata al tempio la notte di Capodanno? Ciau

my-name-is-arden said...

attendiamo quanto prima un aggiornamento del tuo blog con resoconto sul viaggio in giappone e tantetantissime foto.