Friday, September 5, 2008

Knitter treasure swap

This is what Piksteri sent me from Finland. 

Knitter's treasure swap

200 gr. of Kamena by Teetee and 200 gr. of hemp yarn from Hemp fo Knitting, both in great shades of green. The first will probably become a shawl, while I was thinking about a market bag for the second (maybe Elisa Nest Tote).
Piksteri made a beautiful minishawl (or shoulderette) for me and she also thought to my son and sent two little jigsaw puzzles. The package was filled with any sort of goodies... 
She really spoiled me and I love the yarns she chose for me! I hope she'll enjoy my package as I did for hers.

1 comment:

francina74 said...

Bellissima lana...
Io ho preso un po' di Soulwool, versione lana e versione cotone... penso ti piacera'
Buon viaggio!